I love going out in big groups, except for one thing. It seems like every time there is a big group, someone always ends up paying a much larger portion of the bill than everyone else. It’s usually the person who touched the check first OR one of the people paying with a card. Why is it that whenever people go out in big groups for dinner they always come up short for the bill? It doesn’t matter if you’re with good friends or acquaintances, it always happens. How is it that so many people forget about tax/tip when they’re adding up what they owe? I’m sure everyone has felt gypped before when they got stuck paying WAY more than their share with the bill. I’ve felt like that on a few occasions in the past BUT it’s my own fault because I always use my ATM card.

The problem is that I’m always hoping things won’t go through until my next paycheck comes so I use my card knowing it will take two or three days for the transaction to clear. I’ve decided to change my ways though. I’ve recently begun keeping a $20 bill in my wallet just in case I get stuck in a dining experience with friends, but I still remember to add in the tax/tip when I pay my share. It’s just bad manners not to.

So next time you go out to dinner with friends don’t be sheisty and try to skip out on part of the bill. OR if you are short on cash you could at least acknowledge that the person is paying extra and say, “thanks, I’ll get you back next time,” instead of pretending you don’t know they’re getting shafted. I’m sure most people won’t care as long as they know you feel guilty for not paying. Remember, very few people have extra money to spare even if it is only a few dollars for tip/tax.

That is all.