When you can’t wake up until noon even though you have plans, and when you do wake up you feel like crap. Me and Sofia both woke up this morning, looked at each other and started laughing uncontrollably after saying how awful we felt…And then we remembered my car was in Davis…Those cheap drinks will really get to you sometimes, but it’s so worth it at the time.

Last night was a great night out and even though I told them there probably wouldn’t be a blog about it, there is because I still feel sick and it’s nearly 2 p.m.

The night started off at Monkey Bar with Sof, Leslie, Amy, Ben and some of their friends. Had a couple of drinks there, talked about sex and fat lesbians, then moved on to Sudwerks. At Sudwerks I finally got to see Kelly for the first time in months, along with the newly minted 21-year-old, Eric. There was also Brandon, Jeff, Matt and a new guy (David, I think). They played cards, but I couldn’t figure it out. It was a pretty laid back night for the most part, except for my loud drunkeness, but with that many guys, how can it not be laid back?

In all, I think the highlight of my night, as always, was when I nearly got in a fight with two guys on our way out of the bar. I accidently knocked into some guy who was celebrating the Texas football victory, spilling his drink. I apologized TWICE but he and his friends didn’t hear me apparently because they started chanting “apologize, apologize.” So, being me – drunken me at that – I turned around and told them I did apologize TWICE. Then I told them to f*ck off. Haha, then they said they started apologizing to me.

If you couldn’t tell, I missed kickboxing, so I still have a bit (read: A LOT) of pent up anger. Well, I didn’t actually miss it there just wasn’t any class last night because they had a tournament in SF. Who knew? I’ll have to find some other place anyway b/c that place is a guy gym. I need a nice, clean, girly gym to work out in. Not a hole in the wall, pizza boxes on the floor, watching the game, guy gym…

Anyway, I’m headed back to bed so I’ll hopefully feel better in time for hot yoga. Hope everyone else had as much fun as me.

PS Matt better send me those pictures SOON.