Ariel Sharon: The Israeli leader lies in the hospital in critical condition after suffering a major stroke. Last year the death of Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat did little to curb the tension between the two countries. With both leaders gone within a year of each other could it be a new beginning? I think that’s only wishful thinking, considering the deep-rooted social hatred, propoganda in those countries. I still like wishful thinking though…

Ovarian Cancer: A new treatment for Ovarian Cancer was found, only it sounds just as scary as just dying from the disease. They pump chemotherapy directly into the stomach cavity and a study show that it can add up to 16 months to a woman’s life…but what are the repercussions?

Sharks: One of the most feared water animals will soon be extinct if the “delicacy” of shark fin soup is allowed to continue. Just look at this picture and you will be so sad.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today…I’ll try to have more interesting stuff next week.