If you’re looking for something new and different to shake up your exercise routine, Hot Yoga will definitely do it for you. A few of my friends have been raving about it for weeks, but I never had the chance to go until yesterday. I wasn’t very good at it for my first time, but I figure I just need practice. It will definitely take a few tries for me to get better, but I think it’ll be worth it. Looking at Steph and how flexible and in shape she is makes me want to keep doing it, even though I nearly passed out yesterday AND I had to sit out for more than half of the workout.

The workout is done in a heated room, so it’s like working out in a sauna and you sweat so much. Normally I hate sweating, but when I’m working out I love it because it feels like I’m actually doing something. Some of the stretches were really hard and it’s difficult to breathe in hot air so I got really dizzy/naseous after the first maybe 45 minutes of the workout. AND I thought the workout was only an hour, but it was 90 minutes so it felt like an eternity. But even so, my leg muscles are a little sore today and I feel refreshed. It was definitely worth it. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it through more of the class tomorrow.

This is definitely a workout that has to be done in a class setting because there is no way I would have held some of those postures for as long as I did if there weren’t other people watching/doing it. I get really lazy when I workout on my own so I definitely need other people there to make me work hard.

Things to remember if you go:
1. Bring a beach towel and another smaller towel.
2. Eat early in the day because you should have a fairly empty stomach when you’re there. (I didn’t eat at all which I’m sure was my biggest problem)
3. Drink LOTS of water.
4. Don’t wear cotton if you don’t want to look like a big sweaty guy.
5. Don’t put your mat near a guy’s mat because they stink super bad once they start sweating (at least the guy by me did. Yuck!)

So there you have it. Hot Yoga – do it and you’ll love it.

PS I’m still going to kickboxing tonight! Hopefully I’m better at it than yoga…I can’t wait!