I am SO happy right now. I’ve been doing situps for about two weeks now and last night I did Pilates (aka The Hour-long Situp) and my abs are SO hard today. There is no better feeling than the feeling of finally getting in shape after months of overeating and being lazy. Having the time to workout is definitely a plus for being single.

If you haven’t tried Pilates, you definitely should. It works out muscles you don’t even know you have. My inner thighs and ab muscles are definitely sore from the workout I did yesterday. And although it wasn’t kickboxing, it definitely made me feel good to workout. Tonight I’m going to Hot Yoga with Steph (finally) and tomorrow I’m going to hit up the kickboxing place here.

I was going to do kickboxing last night because I really felt like punching/kicking something, but I couldn’t find the place. I have the worst sense of direction, ever. I think kickboxing is definitely going to be my new thing. I plan to use it as a major stress/anger reliever (and I have a lot of pent up anger right now). Has anyone done kickboxing before? Any suggestions?