January 2006

I will cry if myspace doesn’t post this because my copy/paste function isn’t working so I’ll have to retype the whole thing.

State of the Union: GW is going to be giving another impeccable speech tonight. Everyone should be watching it at 6 p.m., although I doubt we’ll learn anything new or exciting from the man.

Coretta King: This past Martin Luther King Jr. celebration was the last for the civil rights leader’s widow, Coretta King. She died early this morning. She had spent the past several years keeping her husband’s vision of non-violent social change alive before suffering from a major stroke in August of last year.

Alito Sworn In: A 58-42 vote, largely along party lines, confirmed the 110th Supreme Court Justice today, tilting the court to the conservative side. Only one woman remains on the Supreme Court.

Postal Shooting: I haven’t heard of anyone going postal in awhile, but it looks like it has happened again. A former female postal employee in Santa Barbara killed six people before committing suicide last night. So cliche.


Why must everything in my life be broken? I’m not speaking metaphorically here, I’m serious. Here are some examples:

MySpace – The inspiration for this blog. My site was shut down for the entire day so nobody could send me lovely little notes. Not only that, but my cell phone (coming up next on this list) sucks so I was a complete shut-in for the day and had to do actual work. I even wrote four stories today for the paper (yes, I’ll admit it was a good thing).

My cell phone – Some of you may have been victims of the devil phone. It works sporadically and usually when I don’t need it to. And it almost never works when someone important calls. Now it’s decided it won’t send or receive my text messages either.

My car stereo – There have been several blogs about this but let’s just say it’s possessed. When I start my car it goes full blast and within minutes I can’t hear it at all. Then if I’m on a long drive it will start making this lovely crackling noise with some pops and music mixed in to give me some variety. Oh, and the CD player sounds like it’s chomping away at my poor lost CDs that are stuck inside still.

My computer – Shuts off at random. Yeah, it just decides it’s tired of working beeps three times to warn me and then KAPOW!

My boots – The only non-electronic thing in this list and they have been to the shoe repair shop so many times that even they told me I’ll have to buy some new shoes next season unless I have mine completely re-soled.

I guess it’s time to save up for more than just my trip to Costa Rica. I think the new phone will come first. The rest of that stuff I can deal without until I get back. Life sure would be easier if I could just win the lottery. Or if I knew someone who was REALLY good with electronics (and shoes).

Oh! And I’m sick. I hate being sick more than anything in the world (well, besides getting up in the morning). I hope I feel better tomorrow. I guess that’s what I get for partying way too much and then going hiking two days in a row.

I recently began watching The Shield, starting with season 1. In fact, I’ve only just finished season 1 and I have to say I find the show to be mildly disturbing.

See, I’m a cop show junky. I watch CSI, Law & Order, NYPD Blue and just about any other cop show on TV. But all of those cop shows end with the cops being the heroes. They solve their case, get the bad guys and do it all in just a day or so. This is why The Shield is more disturbing. The bad guys don’t always get caught, and often the bad guys are in cahoots with the cops. There’s also a little too much violence in the show, making it a little too realistic for me. I don’t like to see people getting beat up and being all bloody. It makes me cringe.

The thing I like least about the show though is that the cops are bad. Even the ONE good cop on the show ends up beating up a prisoner in a later episode. I liked my little fantasy world of all cops being good and always doing the right thing. Watching this show is disquieting at best, but of course I’ll keep watching it because I have to see what happens.

First, a disclaimer: I realize religion is a touchy subject with many people. This is just a way for me to work out what I’m thinking. Please do not be offended because this is not meant to be offensive in the least.

Furhtermore, all views are welcome on this page but PLEASE do not insult those who express their views openly. Just because someone may not agree with you does not make them an idiot, moron, bigot etc. Any name-calling WILL be deleted and you will be blocked from my page.

Now on with the blog:

I’m sure some people have noticed I haven’t defined my religion on my page. What I’ve noticed is a lot of my friends have defined themselves as agnostic but I never really knew what it meant to be agnostic. From hearing them talk I knew I probably agreed with it but I was always too lazy to look it up and too ashamed of my ignorance to ask them. So last night I finally looked it up online.

I found several definitions of it and found that the term agnostic was coined by a professor named Thomas Huxley who felt one should only believe in things that can be proven. Apparently the difference between this and atheism is that atheists find the proof against the existence of God is overwhelming, while agnostics believe the evidence for and against the existence of God is inconclusive therefore not choosing whether to believe or disbelieve.

I like the idea of agnosticism because it leaves the question of God open just in case. See, I’m not sure I don’t believe in God. But I am sure I don’t believe in organized religion. I think it creates a mob mentality where everyone are drones and followers.

I grew up in a very religious family and while I’m thankful for what I learned from my religion, I’m also thankful that I escaped. Religions teach morals and good values. People learn to be sympathetic and loving toward others who have less than themselves. Religion often teaches people to be good samaritans and support volunteerism.

Unfortunately, many religions also teach intolerance. The ignorance, hypocrisy and hatred displayed by many religious people has really turned me off from the whole idea of established religion. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind. Religious people often seem more content with life than non-believers. Perhaps it’s because of their naivety of all things “ungodly.” Sometimes I think it’d be nice to go back to the ignorant bliss of my youth.

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and it’s time for spring cleaning! I couldn’t be more excited right now. Look what’s in my front yard:

Daffodils are my favorite and they’re right in my front yard! Yes, these exact ones. Aren’t they adorable? So everybody get excited. Spring is here, hiking is here, the sun is here!

PS I do realize it’s not actually spring yet and there will still be rain but when the flowers start showing up it’s really here even if the calendar doesn’t say so.

Today when I read my friend Cindy’s blog I was faced with the cold, hard truth: I’ll never lose those extra 10 lbs.

Vodka, 80 proof (shot) – 69 calories
Rum, 80 proof (shot) – 69 calories
Tequila (40 percent alcohol) – 65 calories
Jager (shot) – 103 calories
Manhattan (2.5 oz.) – 130 calories
Pina Colada (4.5 oz.) – 260 calories
Screwdriver (7 oz.) – 180 calories
Whiskey Sour (3 oz.) – 125 calories
Margarita (3 oz.) – 170 calories
Bud Light (12 oz.) – 107 calories
Coors Light (12 oz.) – 102 calories
Miller Lite (12 oz.) – 97 calories
Champagne (4 oz.) – 85 calories

The newest Yellowcard CD, Lights and Sounds, was released yesterday and their new album pretty much rocks. If you’re a Yellowcard fan, you won’t be disappointed.

By far my favorite song on the album is “2 weeks from 20.” If you can’t guess what it’s about, then I’ll tell you. It’s about a kid who joined the military and ended up getting killed just before turning 20. I appreciate any musician who can use their art to raise awareness about issues and things effecting real people. Back in the 70’s there were plenty of songs written in response to the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. Today there are many people who are less inclined to speak out against our government – for obvious reasons – but there are some who still have the courage to speak up, and it seems like we’re hearing more and more dissenters as the war in Iraq drags on.

One of the most blatant of these artists is Green Day and their American Idiot CD. But if you want something a little less extreme, but meaningful all the same, I suggest Yellowcard. Take a listen at their myspace site.

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