Yes, that’s right I’m not doing anything for New Year’s Eve AGAIN. When I was a teenager it was always because my parents didn’t want me driving on the roads with all the crazy drunks. Then when I got older I just never really had a desire to celebrate new year’s, but this year I had plans and now they’re ruined for much of the same reason as when I was a teenager.

In case you haven’t been outide recently, or haven’t been watching the news, there’s a major storm system headed through Northern California and it’s been flooding several regions, including my county. The creek closest to my house was supposed to reach the top of the levee by 4 p.m. today, causing major flooding throughout the area. Water is supposed to reach the northern half of my town by 9 p.m.

Now, even though I don’t live in the north end of town, I’m still worried because several roads have been closed during the day and I have to work in the morning so if I drive out to see my friends I may not make it back in time. Not only that, but I was scared to death driving home in the pouring rain last night and I’ll be ten times more scared tonight with a storm AND crazy drunks driving on the road. It’s just not worth risk. Sometimes I hate being a responsible adult.

But I’m also not going to sit here and pout too much. Instead, I plan to enjoy all of my wonderful vices before I have to give them up for the new year. I’m going out to buy ice cream, wine and 2 tacos from Jack in the Box. And I plan to enjoy them all while watching Sex and the City. So there Mother Nature, you can’t ruin my holiday completely.