I have always been an anti-fan of movie remakes and movies based on books. They are just never as good as the original and most times I refuse to go see them. And I definitely don’t go see them in the theaters, so when I heard about the King Kong remake I rolled my eyes and swore I wouldn’t see it…until I saw the previews.

After seeing the previews for King Kong I was sold. I HAD to see it because it looked so fab. Well, just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a movie by its preview. King Kong had great special effects and the designers did a fabulous job of recreating old school New York City, but that’s as far as my accolades can go on this movie.

The lines seemed forced, the emotion seemed fake and about half the movie could have been cut out without changing how I felt about the movie. I thought it was boring and totally unrealistic. More than half the movie was a bunch of men walking through the jungle, with half of them being killed off only to have a bunch more show up out of nowhere to rescue the other half. How, might I ask, did they know exactly where they’d be? Don’t most people get lost in a jungle? Especially an unmapped, never before visited one?

I recommend at least waiting until this film comes out on video before seeing it. Definitely not worth the $9.50 I didn’t pay to see it.

PS. Costa Rica Update:
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