What started off as good fun in the news room is now going to end up in print. No, it isn’t anything bad per se, but slightly embarrassing.

Here’s how the story goes…

Each staff member is being profiled as part of our newspaper’s advertising. The ads are called “meet the press” and they have a portrait of the staff member along with background information about them and gives their job description. A few have already run and each person has been photographed in their work environment, at their desk or what not.

My bio hasn’t run yet though and I’ve been patiently waiting to be photographed for when my time is up. Turns out they’re printing my Mary Tyler Moore pictures with my bio because my boss thought they were so great. I guess they originally wanted more candid shots, but no one else was willing to take a picture away from their desk because they’re camera shy.

My Mary Tyler Moore pictures were actually taken on a slow day in the office when I begged my photographer to take some cute pictures of me, the reporter, in my orange raincoat to use on my myspace. They were not meant to end up in print. Well, I guess it wasn’t such a waste of office resources after all.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is the one that is being printed in this Sunday’s paper:

In the Christmas day paper even! I’m going to be so embarrassed and the whole city will see it! Oh well, at least it’s pretty funny…even if it does look like a singles ad….