I hate asking friends for money more than anything, but it’s official: I am now a cyberbeggar. My best friend and I have been planning a trip to Costa Rica for more than a year. In fact, I was supposed to go with a different friend last year, but had to cancel because I couldn’t save up the money. Luckily, the company I signed up with allowed me to transfer my deposit to this year and is giving me a second chance. On the trip we will be conducting research and aiding in habitat conservation for endangered leatherback sea turtles, which nest on the coasts of Costa Rica.

Before changing jobs I earned a lot more money and was able to save up $1700, almost enough to pay for the entire trip. Unfortunately when I changed jobs, I also changed marital status and ended up having to pay loads of money I never knew I was going to have to pay. In the past six months I’ve had to take between $100 and $400 a month out of my savings account in order to pay all of my bills and still be able to eat. I am now down to $837 for my trip.

Things have flattened out now, but there is now way I will be able to save up the extra $1500 or so I’ll need for the trip. That’s when I got to thinking. I have 175 friends on myspace. If each of them donated $10 to my Costa Rica fund I’d have more than enough money to go to Costa Rica and save the poor little sea turtles.

Sooooo…if you love the sea turtles give me some money PLEASE! (If you love me that’s just as good). The donation button is on my main page and you can use credit cards, paypal or your bank account. No money will be used for anything but this trip.

Seriously though, I’d really appreciate any help with this. It’s also tax deductible so if you have a ton of dough and need some write-offs I can give you the tax-ID number for tax purposes.

Account Balance update:

Yesterday (12/21) I received my first-ever donation as a birthday gift from Amy! Thanks Amy!