A few years back Donald took a social work class, where he learned about all kinds of weird things including prostitution. In the class he made the argument that dating could be considered a legal form of prostitution, only men were trading dinner and a movie for sex rather than money. I never really bought into this theory of his until…

I went to Vegas this weekend and every time a guy bought me or one of my friends drinks they would eventually ask us if we wanted to go back to their room with them. I suppose in a city where prostitution is legal and women are treated like property that can be bought and sold it’s inevitable that men would think it’s okay to be so forward as to ask a woman back to his hotel room after buying her a drink (or two or three). Some would even feign real interest when they were turned down, with one asking me how long I was going to be there and if he could run into me the next day. I told him what club we were going to be at and left it at that. I did run into him the next day, but I was busy talking to another “pimp.”

The experience left me wondering about Donald’s analogy more and more. Is it just Vegas? Perhaps it’s because very few people you meet in Vegas are actually from Vegas and those that do live there are used to meeting people who will only be there for the weekend, two weeks tops, so they have to try earlier on to get a girl in the sack. With only two days to date there’s no precious time to waste.

But is it something that exists in the general population as well? Everyone always says that sex is all men are looking for, but is that really what dating has turned into – nothing more than a business transaction?