is dead sexy AND he’s Australian. The man is blessed. Went to the concert tonight and it was FABULOUS! Can’t beat a free concert…or men in cowboy hats. Yes, that’s right. Back to boy crazy Becca…just in time for VEGAS.

Plus, his songs are fab. Check out “You’ll Think of Me.” That song made me feel so much better. I think I even smiled inside a little bit.

The concert was great, except that it was at Arco, where they make you pay for earplugs. Yes, I am old and need earplugs at a concert. Sof and I had already spent all our money on huge margaritas earlier so I didn’t even have the $1 for the earplugs.

Keith Urban was really nice to the crowd and even told the security to let up and allow people to come closer to the stage (the pit was arranged with chairs so you had to be in your seat).

There was a crazy drunken lady in front of us who thought she was the only black person to ever listen to country music and she was IN LOVE with Keith Urban. Granted, she had met him and her hat was signed by him so it was a pretty legit love.

After the concert Sof and I did what only she and I could do. We couldn’t find the car but semi remembered where we had parked it in our drunken haze. We found the car and I tried to open the trunk to get our purses out but it wasn’t working for some reason. I thought my key was broken for sure. But then I realized there was no alpha chi omega sticker on the back…and no huge dent in the bumber…and no alumni license plate frame…and this wasn’t even my car! Yeah, I can admit it. Our car was in a different lot, but in the exact same spot. At least Sof and I can laugh at ourselves.

PS Thanks everyone for all of your comments yesterday. I’m about to go to VEGAS and I’ll be back for my birthday week. Just thought I’d let you all know that I’m doing fine. I’m a strong woman – so over it.