And so am I – or at least I was. And everyone knew it. When I was with Donald I took him for granted. When we broke up all of his friends would tell him that he could do way better, that he could find someone who would treat him right. I was selfish and mean. I was manipulative. I was authoritative. I was emasculating. I always put myself first. Everything was about me – my goals, my dreams, my life. He is by far the best man I have ever known and I broke his heart.

I didn’t spell it out before because I suppose I was hoping it wasn’t really what it was, but it was. So in case the meaning of my butterfly blog was completely lost on you all PAIGE AND I BROKE UP.

And Karma finally got me in the end. He took me for granted and all of my friends told me he wasn’t right for me. He was selfish and uncaring. He made me feel unimportant and unloved. He was insensitive. Everything was always about him. He broke my heart. And I finally know how it feels. I know what it’s like to care about someone more than they care about me.

I’ve never felt so foolish. So hurt. So alone. But everything we do in life and everyone we meet teaches us a lesson that we can hopefully carry with us always.

Lesson learned.