All of you Christmas babies feel me on this one. I know you do. Sure, Jesus is important and I realize that nobody has money at Christmas time because they have to buy everybody they know a gift so they don’t look like Scrooge. Understandable. I have no money either BUT I bought you a damn birthday gift and now I’m buying you a Christmas gift too. Shouldn’t the favor be returned? I’m not trying to be greedy, I swear. I just think it totally sucks that I’ve NEVER been able to have a birthday party because every single year my mom said nobody would come. She said they would all be going out of town for Christmas. Well, things never change, even when you get older.

My birthday is less than a week away and I was super excited because everyone will be out of school so they’ll finally be able to hang out again, but they’re all going home for Christmas so nope. So not fair to be born by Christmas. When I decide to have kids I’m not having sex through all of March and April because I don’t want my kids to have to have a Christmas birthday.

PS This is just a rant about the ever-present bday/xmas gift we Christmas babies know all too well. I really don’t want anything for my birthday, except to hang out with my friends and possibly a donation to my Costa Rica fund (see my main page). No gifts though. I have too much clutter in my house as it is. Thanks!