The typical scenario: An old man sitting on the porch with his wife and grandson. He looks up at the sky, feels the pain in his hands and says, “Rain’s comin’.”

Yeah, except that’s me every winter since I was about 16. I used to tell Donald that I might look like a teenager, but I have the body of a 90-year-old woman. I thought arthritis was supposed to be an old person’s disease, but it SO is not!

Nearly every bone in my body has been aching for the past three days and as soon as it started I knew it was going to be raining this week. I have it worst in my hands this year and I’m beginning to get REALLY worried that it’s more than just arthritis. I’ll wait until the rain goes away before I get too worried though.

Ugh! I’m miserable, but I just took three Ibuprofens tablets so hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon.