Yeah, so I know Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I didn’t really have time to write, nor did I feel like it. Today my roommate had his Thanksgiving dinner at my house and it was delicious and the house was stuffed with people, but I just ate and then went to bed even though I had my own guests here. Yeah, I’m lame.

Anyway, I just wanted to let Sofia and my little sister know how thankful  I am for them for not letting me just sit at home and mope all day yesterday because I SO would have. When Jess called me I was already in full mope gear and still planning on having Thanksgiving at my boss’ house.

Instead I ended up at Sofia’s with tons of the cutest little kids ever and it felt just like home, except everyone looked Mexican (excluding me, her white mom and her sister). Then I headed off to another Thanksgiving dinner with my brother’s wife and her family and there was more food than I think I have EVER seen in my life. So basically I had five Thanksgiving dinners this year. How disgusting is that? I must have put on at least ten pounds this week, which means I’ve got a lot of running to do before VEGAS!

PS I’m thankful for all of you for keeping me entertained and being so fabulous. Thanks a million…Mwah!

PPS Sof can I spend Christmas with you too? I’m SO not looking forward to another holiday…