Who doesn’t love free stuff? There is seriously nothing better than free stuff when you’re as poor as I am and in the last two days I’ve gotten tons of GREAT free stuff!

First, I went out to visit my friend Amy and she’s a total bookworm like me so she gave me three books to read (just borrowing them, but still I didn’t have to buy them). How fab is that? And they’re books that I’ve wanted to read for awhile, with the exception of “The Lovely Bones,” but she talked me into it. Quite the saleswoman really.

THEN Hardeep gave me an early birthday present because I won’t be seeing him too much in the upcoming months and he was really happy because just before he gave it to me I had this huge conversation about how I really wanted to see “Sex and the City,” but I wanted to start from season one and nobody seemed to have season one so I was just going to have to wait until I had enough  money to rent it or buy it. Well, that’s exactly what he got me and it’s fab! I can’t wait to start watching it. I just hope I don’t get addicted because who knows when I’ll be able to afford season two?

And finally, I got home last night and there was a package in the mail containing a book I had gotten on special pre-order for FREE from one of my myspace friends, Brad Listi. He’s a new author and he’s trying to spread the word about his book so I got a copy FREE. Yay me!

Wow, these are all time consuming things, but I should have some time in the next couple weeks to start enjoying all these new fab things. I am SO excited!