This past week I’ve been covering a murder trial that just started. It involves some members of a gang known as the Nortenos, so Ch. 19 (the spanish station) was there reporting on it. And the woman reporter was gorgeous and so put together. It was then that I realized I could never be a broadcast journalist for the reasons listed below…

1. I would have to do my hair EVERY day. Yeah, I’m the laziest person I know when it comes to this. I just wash my hair then get out of the shower, blow dry it, brush it and leave. No curling irons, no sprays or spritzes. None of that. If I actually had to do something with my hair I think I would DIE.

2. I would have to wear makeup. Contrary to popular belief all women are not huge fans of makeup, especially not this one. I rarely, if ever, wear make up and even then I only wear lipstick. As I said above, I’m lazy when it comes to my appearance. Also, makeup scares me because I worry it will give me acne so I’ve NEVER worn it.

3. I would have to wear suits. EEEEEEeeeeeew! Talk about a quick way to make you look old (or professional, whatever). I feel SO stiff and uncomfortable in business suits. Although I have to say, I dress a lot more professionally than some of the other reporters I’ve seen walking around the courthouse. I’m just too into being comfortable to wear suits yet. Maybe one day I will…but I doubt it.

4. The camera adds 10 pounds. I just gained 10 pounds in real life and it’s not a pretty sight. I’d hate to gain 10 more just by being on camera.

So there you have it folks: The top 4 reasons I will never be a broadcast journalist. What saddens me most is that these all have to do with looks