…is junk mail.

This week I’ve received several credit card applications, a magazine I never ordered and two of the exact same invitation packets from BMG. I know people are always complaining about junk emails, but at least it only takes a second to delete them. With junkĀ  mail it’s a little more difficult, especially with credit card applications, because you don’t want anyone finding it in the garbage and signing you up and ruining your credit, right? I just hate, hate, hate junk mail. I even hate regular mail. I hate getting bills and bank statements that I don’t even look at and I just have to shred later. It’s a complete waste of paper, time and effort on everyone’s part.

AND the weekly ads! Good lord, nobody even looks at those. At my old apartment complex they had a garbage can in the mail room that was used specifically for everyone to throw away the ads that came once a week and it would be overflowing! We tried to request that no more ads/junk mail be sent, but the post office said the reason they send it is to keep the price of stamps low and there was no way they could refuse to deliver it.

At least with telemarketers you don’t have a big pile of junk lying around later to remind you of the annoyance. Once you hang up, they’re gone. Last night I went through a huge pile of mail on my dresser and only kept three items. That tells me there’s a definite problem with the system. I wonder if there’s anything that can be done??? If you know, please tell me!

PS I do know that you can get some of these things sent electronically and I do, but I still get WAY too much mail for one human being and it makes me sick.