In Utah, instead of water towers in each city, they have the letter of the city on the side of the mountain. In Provo they have a Y for BYU instead of a P and I’ve always wanted to hike up to it, so today I finally did!

It wasn’t as impressive as I had thought it would be up close though. In fact, you can’t even tell it’s a Y when you’re up close:

But it was a great hike, considering it was practically straight up hill and me and my sister got some really cool pictures of us with the city in the background:

After the hike though I learned that I have an affinity for people who don’t know that stop means stop. You all know I got in a car accident last month (so not my fault) where I was rear-ended at a stop light. Well, today I was rear-ended at a stop sign. Did the rules of the road change and someone forgot to tell me? I just got a new bumper and now it looks like this:

So not fair! A higher power is definitely trying to ruin this trip for me, but it’s not gonna work. Nahnananananah!