These were my sister’s directions to her “house”:

“Okay, my address is xxxx east xxxx north. Just get off at University and you should be able to find it.”

I know, I know. I’m at fault too for not asking more questions, but you have to realize that Utah is built on a grid so if you know the difference from north, south, east and west then you can just about find anything. Unless of course your sister lives in an apartment, not a house. Hello!?!? Wouldn’t you normally think to give that information up front?

So I get here. Drive to the given address, but in the wrong city (Orem) then headed back south til I got to the same address in her city. No luck. I can’t find it. So I’m thinking this address is avaialable in EVERY city in Utah! I could still be in the wrong place!

I eventually give up, defeated and frustrated. I drive to a 7 eleven and buy a phone card. Yeah, my cell phone doesn’t work outside of Sacramento (the reason I didn’t just call in the first place). And I call my sister, who isn’t even home! If someone was driving 10 hours to see me, I think I’d be there when they arrived.

Anyway, I’m here and I’m safe.

Moral of the story: Get real directions, apartment numbers and the name of the city if you ever visit Utah.