Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Secretary of State Bruce McPherson visited ourĀ  local high schools today to emphasize to students the importance of voting. I wasn’t surprised to hear him say that of 18-24 year olds in California who are eligible to vote, only half of them are registered and half of those registered don’t even bother to show up to the polls. Pretty sad that our generation is so apathetic about the democratic process. We take it for granted and it’s not. We could lose it all if we aren’t careful…not any time soon but still.

Well, while there I went to interview a kid who had been having a pretty deep conversation with McPherson about the teacher initiative on the ballot. I wanted to ask him if he was registered yada yada yada, but he’s not even 18! He just turned 17 this month! What?!?! And you’re interested in politics? Not possible! But it was true. So, this gives me hope. Perhaps there are still some people our age (and younger) who are paying attention. We definitely need someone to pay attention.

On a side note: I’m super sad because I haven’t been paying attention to anything going on around me lately. I really need to take a week off just to catch up on national events. I will have a news update coming soon so that should help…

PS If you aren’t registered to vote you have until the 24th so you have no excuses! Educate yourself on the issues and get out there to vote. Nothing is worse than not exercising the rights given us by the constitution.

“Only one of four people in the 18 to 24 age group is voting. Democracy deserves better than that.” – Bruce McPherson, today.


I’ve had this vision of a hat rack for my room for the past couple of weeks. I searched everywhere. I looked at all the usual places (target, wal-mart, pier 1 imports and cost plus) but didn’t find anything. Today, on a whim I went to this little furniture shop across the street from the paper and there it was! The perfect hat rack that has now been dubbed my scarf rack. See, if I have my scarves out where I can see them then I figure they will get a lot more use. Plus they make a nice decoration for my room. Plus they take up way too much room in my dresser (yeah, I knitted a lot last winter). I’d put a picture up so you could all share in the joy of my scarf rack, but I left my camera at work because I always forget to take it when there is something important to shoot. Maybe tomorrow….