I really think someone should invent a store that sells food packaged in only single serving sizes. What are we single people supposed to do with an entire loaf of bread if all we want is one sandwich? I have had countless loaves of bread, gallons of milk and boxes of cereal go bad before I was ever able to finish them. Not only that, if I make something delicious like spaghetti I end up with WAY too much of it and either end up throwing it away or eating it all (could explain those extra ten pounds I’ve found recently).

Why is it that they sell EVERYTHING in the extra super jumbo pack, but nothing comes in the hey-I-live-by-myself-and-nobody-else-is-going-to-eat-this pack? Even if they did sell things in smaller portions we’d end up spending more on it than the people who buy the extra super jumbo packs anyway…why is that?

Anyway, if I ever get the chance to make a suggestion to food product manufacturers, it will be to have single serving sizes available in everything from pasta to sour cream to canned soup.