So, the guy in my last blog and several other men in my life have brought up a topic that I have been considering writing about for some time, and I’ve decided to finally unleash it on the myspace masses.

Why do fat, ugly men in our society feel like they have any right to judge women for being ugly or fat? I went to a party a few months back and this girl walks in, who is about the same size as me (aka not fat) wearing a tight shirt and cute jeans. The guy next to me, who could be a look-alike for jaba the hut, says to me and everyone around us, “Why would she wear a shirt like that?” And I promptly asked him what he meant, thinking perhaps he meant it was unsuitable for the occasion.

Nope, he said, “Well, I’m sure a shirt like that would look great on you, but it’s obviously not made for someone her size.” WHAT?!?!?! Are you kidding me with this? This girl was probably even skinnier than me, so this guy was just basically an ass. I couldn’t contain myself and had to regulate.

Men, if you’re fat and/or ugly PLEASE do not tell me when you think a perfectly good looking, normal sized girl is fat and/or ugly. You have NO RIGHT to be talking. Am I right ladies?

Our society puts way too much pressure on women to look good, while men are able to walk around in shabby looking clothes with unkempt hair. We’re expected to shave and do our makeup and hair every day for you men and you don’t even appreciate it when we do. It’s disgusting and I’m sick of it. Women ARE NOT objects made solely for your enjoyment and we are sick of being treated like nothing (at least I am).

So for you men out there who think you are god’s gift to women, take another look in the mirror. You’re nothing but a sad, miserable little man who will never be happy with anyone. Even if a super model came your way I’m sure you’d have some snide remark about her ass being too big or her eyebrows not being just so.