Okay, so I have a lot of crazy socks.  I buy them at Old Navy at the end of each season because they only cost about $1 (and you all know how much I love anything for $1).  So I have valentine’s socks, saint paddys socks, and most of all Christmas socks.  Well, Christmas is a ways off so I often get crazy looks when I wear them, but I’ve never been self-conscious about it until recently….

See, I have to dress nice for work but I don’t differentiate my socks for different occasions.  I just wear them.  Then the other day I was at work and I had to go to a chamber of commerce meeting and while I was sitting there I got the distinct feeling that someone was staring at my feet.  When I looked down I realized I had bright green socks on with santas all over them.  They were really noticeable considering the light brown slacks I was wearing. Hmmm….should I give up my sock habit?  Nah.  I think it makes me original. Plus it could work to my advantage as a conversation starter.

An example of the socks:

Photo courtesy of Robert Alvis

And, yes, I do realize this is a horrible picture of me.  Thanks guys.