Today is the anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers in NYC and at this time America finds itself in yet another tragic situation.  The hurricanes that are causing so much pain and suffering in the south were not an act of terrorism, but much of the pain and suffering could have been prevented if the government had listened to the people living in Louisiana.

Instead, the president pulled funds from programs in the state that would have helped to build better levees and he took most of the Coast Guard and re-deployed them to Iraq and left Louisiana even more vulnerable than before.

The president preaches about how he is making America safer, but we can’t even keep people in our own country safe anymore because so many resources have been redirected to the war effort in Iraq, a war that should have never begun.  We can’t change that now, but we can ask that something be done to help keep Americans safe, for real.  SAYING you’re keeping Americans safe means nothing.  Like the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words,” and, based on recent polls, Americans are finally taking notice of the incompetence of the current administration.

I would write more on this, but I think Maureen Dowd’s article in the New York Times does a better job than I ever could.