It’s 3 a.m. and I can’t sleep.  I just checked my email and still haven’t heard back from the guy who I really was hoping to live with so now I’ve agreed to live at my second choice.  Now I’m having nightmares about it and I haven’t even moved in there yet.  Most of my angst is focused around this guy’s two cats.  I hate the dander that cats leave everywhere.  Cat fur looks fab on a cat, but not on my work clothes and I really don’t relish the thought of having to lint brush myself every time I walk out the door.  Not only that but I will probably begin cleaning incessantly because with pet dander everywhere I always imagine that EVERYTHING is dirty.  I’m going to have to invest in a good vacuum cleaner and a cat brush.  Oh how I hate pets!  At least it’s not a dog.


No matter how filthy I find animals to be I do think it will be nice to have two kitties to snuggle with and keep me company.  But with this anxiety I’m having about living there I can already see that I won’t be spending much time at home.  I probably really will become good friends with the other guy who brushed me off as a roommate.  I’ll make him go out with me because he said he really needs people to hang out with; and in a town like Woodland who doesn’t.  Who knows, maybe this will finally get me into running daily.  I’ve already been daydreaming about running after work.  It will keep me busy and allow my mind to process the day – and it will keep me out of the house.


How sad is it that I don’t want to live there and I haven’t even signed the lease yet?  Oh, and they only have dial up internet!  Who are these people?  Why did I have to come to France when I should have been looking for an apartment?  Maybe I can just think of it as a temporary living arrangement until I find something better.


Let’s look at the positive aspects of living there instead.  Maybe that will help me to sleep better.


  1. It’s only three blocks from work and I can walk every day (not that I’ll want to in heels, but that’s beside the point).
  2. It has a huge kitchen, a washer and dryer (that I don’t have to pay for) and a hot tub.
  3. It has a porch and trees in the front yard.
  4. I won’t need any of my own furniture, which is nice because all I really have is a bed.


Please tell me there aren’t only four good things about living here! Man, this super sucks for sure!  I was so hoping that my hatred for my job wouldn’t turn into a hatred for my living conditions, but it looks as though that will be the case.  I guess you can’t expect much for only $400 a month.


Regardless of the conditions I have to move because I absolutely cannot afford to pay rent AND drive to Woodland every day, especially not after losing three-fourths my yearly income.  It sucks to be living like a student again, but I’ll manage.  I know I’m strong enough and one day I’ll be making more than enough money all on my own.  I’m sure of it.