I just got the call! I escaped the paradox!  I’m finally going to be a reporter, and on a daily even!  This makes up for the fact that my rental car broke down this morning and I have to have someone drive me out to BFE to pick it up later on today.  How does a rental car break down anyway?

I just thought you’d all want to know.  Well, that and I’m so excited I can’t even keep it in.  Me, a real reporter even!  I can’t wait to get started.  This means that I’m going to be way busier though and probably won’t be able to go out as often.  Plus I’ll be moving to Davis, but at least that’s closer than Delaware.

I went out on assignment Saturday and wrote my first story.  I thought maybe they didn’t like it because it didn’t get printed, but it turns out that it wasn’t printed yet because they had to wait for today’s stock numbers to enter into the story.  It turns out it was exactly what they were hoping for!  Yay me!  So my first story will appear in tomorrow’s edition of The Daily Democrat if any of you want to see it and I’ll be starting there full time the day after I get back from France (29th August).

Now the only thing is that I have to tell my boss! Telling my boss is what is stressing me out more than anything.  I hate having to do things like this…