Alright, my flight to Delaware has finally arrived and I’m SO nervous.  Ask Sofia, I was a total wreck earlier.  I’m waiting for my flight right now and all I can do is go over what I’ve brought with me and wonder if I’m forgetting something.  How can I forget something when I’m really only going to be gone for a day and a half?  I’m worried about the interview itself too.  I’m worried I won’t get there on time or I’ll get lost and my cell phone won’t work.  I’m realizing that I’m really paranoid when it comes to things like this.  I hope I’m not too wound up to sleep on the plane though.  (Sorry Joe, I didn’t take your advice on the allergy pills and beer combo).

You guys don’t have to wish me luck.  Just keep your fingers crossed for me.  If I don’t get this job I hope I find something soon.  See you all Saturday.