Wow, I’m so excited to be starting my first ever blog!

School is starting next week and I’ve been waiting patiently for my financial aid check to come in the mail so that I can make my car payment. That patiently part isn’t actually true because I’ve been checking the mail constantly in the hopes of its arrival.

Needless to say I’m obviously short on cash. My bank has decided to punish me for this even though they claim to have free checking with ‘no fees.’ Well, that’s not actually the whole truth. Instead of ‘fees’ they have ‘charges.’ Overdraft charges, ATM charges, Deposit charges, etc.

Obviously going under my balance is a problem. I realize this, but it was only $0.13! That’s right 13 CENTS! and do you know what I was charged?!? $22!

Not knowing that my account was off by such a minimal amount I began using my ATM again after making a deposit and ended up going over by, what you ask? That’s right, just under $22! For each transaction that added up to this $20 overage I was charged another $22, which all totalled has added up to $100.

In conclusions my ‘no fees’ bank, and all other banks for that matter, ARE THE DEVIL!